Welcome to Le Café Racer Ltd.

Welcome to Le Café Racer Ltd.

Baruffaldi's Motorcycle Glasses in metal with a wrap-over refined look.

Very high level of technical details:

  • the bridge is adjustable and integrated with the frame
  • the earpieces are flexible
  • the cushion is wide and made out of soft and massaging leather, that is hand made and padded for protection
  • interchangeable lenses

Assembling and disassembling of cushion, lenses and frame is facilitated by a round head pin in PC–to fasten and unfasten–included in the Kit as an adjustable elastic band hook on temples. Every package contains an instruction manual.

The frame is made with a special metal that under a light pressure allows to curve the final part and adapt them to the ears or to the helmet.

Frame colour: Black

Made in Italy.

Features Materials: lightweight metal frame and different nappa leather colors. Spare parts: elastic band, lenses & photo chromatic lenses, leather cushions Lenses: photo chromatic and yellow colors lenses.

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Easy Rider Photochromatic Glasses

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  • Brand:Baruffaldi
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